How To Create the Perfect Cheese Board

Follow these steps and tips on how to create the most lovely cheese board for your next event!

6/10/20222 min read

cheese board cheeses fruits boardscheese board cheeses fruits boards
cheese board cheeses fruits boardscheese board cheeses fruits boards
cheese board cheeses fruits boardscheese board cheeses fruits boards
If you've ever been to a fancy dairy-dinner party, you've probably seen a beautiful cheese board!
Cheese boards are an amazing way to create a beautiful presentation at any event.
You can make one consisting of lots of yummy dairy products, as well as other snacks and nibbles!
Keep reading to learn and find ideas about how to make the perfect cheese board!

Let's get right into the step-by-step process of creating a gorgeous cheese board!



Choose the perfect board: The bigger, the better, if you have enough products to fill it up (The fuller, the better!)

Wooden / marble boards are the prettiest for presenting!

Gather up all of your cheeses: A variety of cheeses looks prettier, so be sure to grab as many different kinds as you can!

My favorite cheeses for boards are Cheddar, Smoked Gouda, Brie, and Mozzarella

Cut up your cheeses: Cheese wheels and bars can have a few slices cut out; some cheeses can be cubed, or even shaved!

Check out the above photos for ideas!

Display some pretty fruits: Sweet fruits balance out both the look & the taste of cheeses on a board, so grab a bunch!

My favorite fruits to add are grapes, strawberries, blueberries; you can add any you like!

Throw in a bunch of crackers: Every bite of cheese needs a cracker to lay on! A nice variety of crackers looks beautiful, and is delicious, too!

Different shapes make for a lovely aesthetic effect! Grab some round, square, even breadstick form!

Add some salty snacks: To counterpoise the taste of sweet fruits and creamy cheeses, add some salty, bite-sized nibbles all over the board!

My favorites are pickles, nuts, olives

Sprinkle attractive accents: The main purpose of the cheese board is to look presentable, so add a few pretty things to beautify the board!

These can be mini bowls of a dip, some citrus slices, some mini bottles of oil or sauce (basically anything mini!)

And that's about it!
Creating a presentable cheese board is really about layering a variety of beautiful objects, so it's pretty much fool-proof ;)
My only #1 tip is to make sure to fill up the entire board - any empty space should be occupied!
I hope you learned a lot from this how-to!
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