Soho Asian Bar & Grill

Miami, FL

12/13/20210 min read

Let's talk Asian Cuisine!
Soho Asian Bar & Grill in Miami was out of this world. I was so shocked to see that not only was there a really wide variety of super delicious meats/sushi/appetizers, but the prices were not bad at all!
I really respect when I find a restaurant that offers delicious and unique dishes that don't cost a fortune.
We started out with one of the most delicious Salmon Tartars I'd ever tasted, and I was in heaven!
What we had next was one of the most unique types of Sushi we've ever had, and it's called 'Meat Sushi'! That's right, sushi, with MEAT instead of fish!
We continued with some exquisite chicken and beef dishes, and our final dish was truly delicious.
It was a really yummy Pad Thai, which was a type of asian noodle with vegetables and chicken!
Thank you so much Soho Asian! We can't wait to come back!